Group Fund Raising

As the owners and operators of Weegie Prints, we have an extensive background in extra-curricular and community-based activities.  We know the challenges that groups face to fund positive activities for young people.  Even though coaches, officials and parents volunteer countless hours to make things happen, there are still costs that happen for gear and uniforms. To help provide groups with high quality gear as well as a source of raising funds to pay for it, Weegie Prints has come up with a strategy to help teams receive the gear they need while also providing a source of fundraising.  Here's how it works:

Groups apply for Weegie Prints Gear Marketing Program

​Weegie Prints does this:

  • We contact the group to decide on a garment, custom digitally printed design and pricing structure.
  • The design is featured on our website.
  • Provides a link on our website for the general public to buy the group's merchandise at a retail price.

Groups get this:

  • Credit card purchasing for their group's merchandise.
  • A discount code to purchase the gear at the agreed "group" price.
  • Free marketing of products we print for them on Weegie Prints online store.
  • An agreed upon percentage of all proceeds from web generated sales from the general public. (this doesn't include the gear that uses the discount code)


Custom Digital T-Shirt Printing 

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